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Kenya Buckley,

Founder and President

"Bringing Awareness to a Dreadful Disease"

Kenya Buckley is the Founder and President of Carol’s Promise Sickle Cell
Foundation. Carol, her mother, passed away from complications of Sickle Cell Disease in 2005. It has been her mission to tell her mother’s story and the motivation behind her creating Carol’s Promise Sickle Cell Foundation. The foundation holds her mother’s namesake and is fulfilling the “promise” that Kenya made to her mother that she would help find a cure and advocate on her behalf, so no one would have to suffer the way that she did. Carol’s Promise was birthed in 2017 to improve the quality of life in individuals living with Sickle Cell. The organization does this by Support, Advocacy, Raising Awareness, and Education. Carol’s Promise provides services and resources to families in Dallas/Fort Worth. Kenya pours her heart and soul into being an advocate for Sickle Cell and being a voice for those who have been silenced by the disease. Kenya is also a Storyteller for the GenerationS campaign that is being highlighted by Novartis Pharmaceutical company.


Kenya completed her Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from Sam Houston State University and currently works Full-Time for the City of Arlington as a Senior Management Analyst.  Kenya is also a devoted wife to Ray and mother to 2 handsome boys, Grant (14) and Raymond III (4). Kenya, along with her 2 children live with Sickle Cell Trait.

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